API Proposal Email Template

to: icu-design <icu-design@lists.sourceforge.net> [requires subscription]
subject: ICU API proposal: <topic>

Dear ICU team & users,

I would like to propose the following API for: ICU 63
Please provide feedback by: next Tuesday, 2018-mm-dd
Designated API reviewer: Markus
Ticket: https://unicode-org.atlassian.net/browse/ICU-<number>

<detailed API description with exact function signatures>

Example of detailed API

I would like to propose the following C++ Locale method for ICU 50:

     * Set the value for a keyword.
     * @param keywordName name of the keyword to be set. Case insensitive.
     * @param keywordValue value of the keyword to be set. If 0-length or
     *  NULL, will result in the keyword being removed. No error is given if
     *  that keyword does not exist.
     * @param status Returns any error information while performing this operation.
     * @draft ICU 50
    void setKeywordValue(const char* keywordName, const char* keywordValue, UErrorCode &status);

[Optional: More background info, link to design doc, etc.]