BRS 4.6M2

(See the parent page, Throwing the Big Red Switch: How to ship ICU for detail on any task. Update description there.)





Task Also for Milestone Applicable to Due date Instruction
 done  2010-09-27 yoshito  Updated to 2010m on Sep 27.
Make sure the timezone (Olson) data is up to date M C & J FF, CF, GA

Olson timezone data should be regularly updated in the trunk. If the data is out of date, follow the instruction described in the            readme file.

Once the timezone resource file is generated by the process above, the file should be checked into zoneinfo.txt in the trunk.

 SKIP       Update API status comments   C & J FF


  1. Update the API documentation in all header files (.h file) to have correct @draft/@stable/@deprecated labels.
  2. Update docmain.h
  3. ./configure
  4. make docs
  5. Follow instructions in readme.txt to generate API status change report.
  6. Make sure that ICU headers work with U_HIDE_DRAFT_API and other such switches.
  7. Verify that U_DRAFT and U_STABLE match the @draft and @stable tags (same for other such pairs declaration macro vs. tag).


Update the API documentation to have correct @draft/@stable/@deprecated labels. On ICU4J, run (see file for instructions). This requires a Sun jdk with javadoc available. The tool will need to change to reflect the release number to search for.

To check the API status changes, run the ant target "apireport" to gerate the report since the previous official release.

Make sure @provisional is specified along with @draft, and @deprecated with @internal. For example,

 * @draft ICU 4.0
* @provisional This API might change or be removed in a future release.
 * @internal
* @deprecated This API is ICU internal only.
 skippeed   markus didn't get to it for M2, will do before release Check for ClassID in new class hierarchies M C FF Check that there are no "poor man's RTTI" in new class hierarchies. See Normalizer2 for an example declaration and implementation that satisfies the virtual-function override without adding new ClassID support.
We do need to keep and add "poor man's RTTI" in old classes, and in new classes extending existing class hierarchies (where parent classes have @stable RTTI functions). (For example, a new Format subclass.)
One easy way to check for this is to search through the API change report and look for "UClassID" or similar.
 SKIP       Compare ICU4J APIs with JDK   J FF-4w

Run the ICU4J versus JDK API comparison tool against the target JDK (anything that will come out before our next release, basically) with the tool and make sure ICU4J adequately covers the JDK API for the classes we replicate.

 done   peter  DONE Sync ICU with CLDR M C & J
Update ICU data from CLDR.

 done   peter  DONE Tag CLDR  M  C & J
 GA-1W Add a tag to the CLDR repository that specifies exactly the CLDR data files and tools that were used to create the ICU data for this ICU release or milestone.  Document the tag name in the ICU Readme file.  Verify that ICU data can be successfully regenerated using the GA ICU code and the tagged CLDR.

If CLDR already has an appropriate tag, just use it.
An example of a tag in CLDR:
done - see comments
  markus ok for M2, a little more to be done for the release (UCA, BidiTest.txt, layout engine) Update Unicode Data
  C & J
  See the Unicode Update page and the instructions in and nearby files, also check the change log for this and related files such as UnicodeData.txt.
  markus done Update script code enums
  C & J
Update script code enums with new codes from ISO 15924, propose them as public API (new @draft).
For new codes see (check for recent changes with the code highlighted in the left column and "Add" in the right column) and (Search for "Type: script" and look for recent "Added:" dates.) Discuss what to do if these two sources are out of sync.
(usually Markus)
 done   michael   Update version number M C & J FF


The instructions for updating the version number are stored in icu/source/common/unicode/uverdefs.h. Read and follow instructions in this file.


  3. (For API change report)
ICU Data:

icu/source/data/misc/icuver.txt needs to be updated with the correct version number for ICU and its data.
    michael   Regenerate configure M C FF-2w Don't forget to re-run and check in the configure file along with This is normally supposed to be done when or aclocal.m4 are modified.
 SKIP       Send public beta/DCUT announcement
  FF, CF Send a beta/DCUT announcement to the mailing lists icu-design, icu-support and icu-announce (the announce lists only with bcc).

For ICU 3.6, this is the text of the public beta announcement:

Subject: ICU 3.6 beta now available

Dear friends and users of ICU,

We have a "beta" of the ICU release 3.6 available on our public web sites, and
If you plan or consider to use ICU 3.6, then please download and test it at your earliest convenience.

Please help us ensure the quality of this release. Please submit bugs, porting changes and fixes(!) by Wednesday, July 31!

Please use our bug reporting tool and support mailing lists, see

Major features of this reference release include:
- Unicode 5.0
- CLDR 1.4
- and so on...

Please see the release notes on the download pages and the readme for a complete list of features and enhancements.


 SKIP       Make sure data file versions (for data contents) are properly assigned   C (data resides in the ICU4C repository) CF-2w

If any of the data files in /icu/source/data/ directory has changed MANUALLY, upgrade the version number accordingly as well. If the contents of a resource bundle has changed, then increase the version number (at least the minor version field). The CLDR generated data should have the correct number.

Note from Markus (20090514, ICU 4.2 timeframe): Most data files automatically get their version numbers set by the LDML2ICUConverter, from CLDR version numbers. It is not clear what, if anything, needs to be done for this task.

 skipped   markus didn't get to it for M2, will do before release Make sure data file format versions are updated
M C (generator and runtime code) & J (runtime code)

If the format of a binary data file has changed, upgrade the format version in the UDataInfo header for that file. Better: Change the format version immediately when the format is changed. The change must be made in both the producer/generator and consumer/runtime code.

It is desirable to maintain backward compatibility, but sometimes impractical. Update the major version number for incompatible changes. Runtime code should permit higher minor version numbers for supported major versions.

We rarely use the third and fourth version number fields, except for UTrie (version 1) parameters that don't really change.

 SKIP       Scan for Copyright notices   C & J CF-1w

Check source and data files, especially newly contributed ones, to make sure the proper copyright notice is in place. For example,

Copyright (c) 2001-2008, International Business Machines Corporation
and others. All rights reserved.

Scan the source code to make sure that every file that was touched recently has the current year in the copyright statement. See the ICU Copyright Scanner page and follow the link to the scripts and the readme.

Scan the source code to include third-party company names in copyright notices if necessary. 

Scan for text files that do not contain the word "Copyright": find_textfiles -nosvn -novc | xargs grep -i -L Copyright (See the find_textfiles Perl script attached to this page.)

Make sure that you use (c), not ©, because non-ASCII characters in source code can break the build!
(See ICU's check-in policy for more details.)

 SKIP       Update license files   C & J CF-1w

Check ICU, Unicode and other license terms. Make sure these files are up to date. The Unicode data and software license term is updated anually (usually year number only).

 Done   andy  File test/perf/DateFmtPerf/collationdata.h is still bad.  Ticket 7984
Check for non-ascii characters in source files M C & J CF-1w Run the tool
>java <icu4c|icu4j source root path>
This tool will output the *.cpp, *.c, *.h and *.java files with non-ascii characters in it.
 Done   andy   Check text file line endings    
C & J
  Verify that all source and text files in the svn repository have plain LF line endings, and have the svn property svn:eol-style=native.

To do this on Linux, In an up-to-date svn working copy of icu,
   cd trunk
   source/tools/          # reports problems
   source/tools/  --fix   # fixes problems

The same python script from the icu4c tools will fix icu4j
   cd icu4j/trunk

svn commit any changes made by the script.  The commit is needed both for line ending changes and svn property changes.  Copyright dates do not need to be changed for these.

 done  2010-09-22 yoshito  J trunk@28682
Clean up import statements
Eclipse IDE provides a feature which allow you to organize import statements for multiple files.  Right click on projects/source folders/files, you can select [Source] - [Organize Imports] which resolve all wildcard imports and sort the import statements in a consistent order.  (Note: You may experience OOM problem when your run this for projects/folders which contain many files.  In this case, you may need to narrow a selection per iteration.)
Done    andy   Verify proper memory allocation functions
C CF-2w

Verify the following for library code (common, i18n, layout, ustdio). The requirement is for ICU's memory management to be customizable by changing cmemory.h and the common base class.

  • No raw malloc/free/realloc but their uprv_ versions.
  • All C++ classes must inherit the common base class UObject or UMemory
    • But not for mixin/interface classes (pure virtual, no data members, no constructors) because that would break the single-inheritance model.
    • Also not for pure-static classes (used for name scoping) declare but don't implement a private default constructor to prevent instantiation.
    • Simple struct-like C++ classes (and structs) that do not have constructors, destructors, and virtual methods, need not inherit the base class but must then be allocated with uprv_malloc.
  • All simple types (UChar, int32_t, pointers(!), ...) must be allocated with uprv_malloc and released with uprv_free.
  • For Testing that this is the case, on Linux
    • run the Perl script Follow the instructions in the script. The script is in in the ICU4C sources at icu/tools/memcheck/
  • For testing that this is the case, on Windows:
    • Don't bother, as of Nov, 2004. Failures appear in many dozens of files from the mixin class destructors. Do the check on Linux. But, for reference, here are the old instructions.
      • Make sure that in uobject.h UObject::new and delete are defined by default. Currently, this means to grep to see that U_OVERRIDE_CXX_ALLOCATION is defined to 1 (in pwin32.h for Windows).
      • Check the *.obj's for linkage to the global (non-UObject::) operators new/delete; see uobject.cpp for details.
      • Global new must never be imported. Global delete will be imported and used by empty-virtual destructors in interface/mixin classes. However, they are not called because implementation classes always derive from UMemory. No other functions must use global delete.
      • There are now (2002-dec-17) definitions in utypes.h for global new/delete, with inline implementations that will always crash. These global new/delete operators are only defined for code inside the ICU4C libraries (but must be there for all of those). See Jitterbug 2581.
      • If a global new/delete is used somewhere, then change the class inheritance and/or use uprv_malloc/free until no global new/delete are used in the libraries (and the tests still pass...). See the User Guide Coding Guidelines for details.
 Done (mostly)
  andy - valgrind  A few problems remain.  Ticket 7983
Run static code analysis tools (Purify, Boundary Checker, valgrind...) M C CF-2w Make sure we fixed all the memory leak problems that were discovered when running these tools.
  • Build ICU with debug information. On Linux,
       runConfigureICU --enable-debug --disable-release Linux
  • Run all of the standard tests under valgrind.  For intltest, for example
       cd <where ever>/source/test/intltest
       LD_LIBRARY_PATH=../../lib:../../stubdata:../../tools/ctestfw:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH  valgrind  ./intltest
    You can grab the command line for running the tests from the output from "make check", and then just insert "valgrind" before the executable.
 done 2010-9-22
yoshito  trunk@28681 passed localespiCheck on Sun JDK 1.6.0_21.
Run ICU4J Locale Service Provider tests
Make sure ICU4J LocaleServiceProvider test cases runs without any errors.  See readme.html in <icu4j_root>/localespi
 SKIP       Run ICU4J Test cases with JDK TimeZone
Make sure ICU4J test cases do not produce any errors with JDK TimeZone option is enabled.
  • Apply the latest tz update patch to the JRE.
  • Run the ICU4J test cases using ant target "jdktzCheck"
 SKIP       Verify the Eclipse ICU4J plug-in   J CF-2w
  1. Make sure the Eclipse ICU4J plug-in binaries are successfully produced.
  2. Run the ICU4J plug-in test cases.
  3. Update license files, build version strings for the new release.
 done   michael   Try running tests without any ICU data M C & J CF-1w


ICU data should be removed, so that tests cannot access it. Both cintltst and intltest should be run with -w option and they should not crash. Every crash should be investigated and fixed.


ICU4J has the test target for this, but does not work as designed for now. For now, this task is not required for ICU4J.

 SKIP       Build and run testmap   C CF-1w Build and run source/test/testmap project. (There is currently no Windows project defined for it.)
$ cd <root of your ICU build tree>
$ CONFIG_FILES=test/testmap/Makefile CONFIG_HEADERS= ./config.status
$ cd test/testmap
$ make check
 SKIP       Check the code coverage numbers   C & J FF+1w Our goal is that all releases go out to the public with 100% API test and at least 85% code coverage.
  stuart   Complete code review M C & J CF Nag all the reviewers to finish reviewing the code and change the status of bugs.
 SKIP       Create a release branch in SVN
C & J CF-0.5w

You need a working snapshot of the ICU build first. To do so, you need to check out the trunk and build it on all the reference platforms as stated in the readme.html.

Once the branch is created, only changes necessary for the target release are taken from the trunk.

 done   michael grady (mishonok)

C - builddocs srl, publish pedberg

J - yoshito
  Build API documentations and publish them to the ICU public site M
C & J FF, CF


Build the API documentation pages for the new release. Run Doxygen to create the javadoc files. Create


Build the API documentation pages for the new release. "ant docsJar"

 done   michael grady (mishonok)  
Test ICU4C headers M C CF-1w

Testing external dependencies in header files:

(on Unixes) Prerequisite: Configure with --prefix (../trunk/source/runConfigureICU Linux --prefix=/some/temp/folder) and do 'make install'. Then set the PATH so that the installed icu-config script can be found. (export PATH=/some/temp/folder/bin:$PATH)

Then go to the 'icu/source/test/hdrtst' directory and do 'make check'. This will attempt to compile against each header file individually on C and C++, to make sure there aren't any hidden include ordering problems. Output looks like this, the zero indicates a successful test. If a C++ file fails to compile as a C file, add it to the 'cxxfiles.txt' located in the hdrtst directory. Run this test with all the uconfig.h variations (see below).

unicode/bidi.h        - 0  (0 means no error)
unicode/chariter.h - 0
unicode/convert.h - 0
 done   michael grady (mishonok)  will file some bugs Test uconfig.h variations M C CF-1w

Test ICU completely, and run the header test (above) with:

  1. none of the 'UCONFIG_NO_XXX' switches turned on (i.e., the normal case)
  2. all of the 'UCONFIG_NO_XXX' switches turned on (set to 1)
  3. For each switch, test once with just that one switch on.
(See common/unicode/uconfig.h for more documentation.)
There is a script available which will automatically test ICU in this way on UNIXes, it lives in: tools/release/c/ See docs at top of script for information.
 done   markus done (r28715) Test C++ Namespace Use
M C CF-1w Verify that ICU builds without enabling the default use of the ICU namespace. To test on Linux,
 make check

Any problems will show up as compilation errors.
 done   markus done Test U_CHARSET_IS_UTF8
M C CF-1w Verify that ICU builds with default charset hardcoded to UTF-8. To test on Linux,
 ./runConfigureICU Linux CPPFLAGS="-DU_CHARSET_IS_UTF8=1"
 make check

Any problems will show up as compilation or test errors.
Rather than setting the CPPFLAGS, you can also temporarily add #define U_CHARSET_IS_UTF8 1 in unicode/utypes.h before it gets its default definition, or modify the default definition there.
This works best on a machine that is set to use UTF-8 as its system charset, which is not possible on Windows.
 SKIP       Test
  C  CF-1w  Verify that ICU builds and tests with threading disabled.  To test on Linux,
 ./runConfigureICU Linux --disable-threads
 make check
 DONE 2010-09-28 stuart   Update urename.h M C FF, CF

Update urename.h to catch all possible ICU4C library exports (especially on non-Windows systems that tend to ignore export qualifiers). See icu/source/tools/genren/README.

Diff the new one with the previous one; there are typically a few bad #defines in there.

 SKIP       Update udraft.h, usystem.h, uintrnl.h, and udeprctd.h
C CF-2w
  1. make doc
  2. cd source/tools/gendraft ; make install-headers
  3. Double check the modified files in <icu>/source/common/unicode folder and commit.
 SKIP       Verify XLIFF conversion   J (The tool resides in the ICU4J repository) CF Note: The following instruction does not work.  Please read the comments with orange background. There are some issues in the current ICU XLIFF tools and the test case below.  See the comments in ticket#6383.

Instructions for verifying the XLIFF conversion tools.
  • Convert icu/source/test/testdata/ra.txt to XLIFF
  • genrb -s icu/source/test/testdata -d icu/source/test/testdata/ -x -l en ra.txt

-d icu/source/test/testdata/ overwrite the existing ra.xlf. Specify another directory.

ra.txt has the top level item "ra", which is supposed to be the content language. Thus, with -l en, you'll get a warning -
"The top level tag in the resource and language specified are not the same. Please check the input."
We should use "-l ra" here.
  • Verify that the ra.xlf produced is identical to the one in CVS HEAD (except for generation date)

    If you use "-l ra" above, you'll get <file .... source-language = "ra" .... />, which is different from ra.xlf in the repository.
    Also, new line codes is broken for imported contents.

  • Convert icu/source/test/testdata/ra.xlf back to ICU format
  • java -cp icu4j/classes -d . -t ra ra.xlf

    The option "-t ra" does not work, because ra.xlf does not contain target language data. Use "-c ra" instead.
  • Verify that the ra.txt produced is identical to the one in CVS HEAD (except for generation date)

    You cannot expect the generated ra.txt exactly matches the original one because of table item re-ordering, new line code changes,
    and explicit resource types (e.g. "ra {" vs. "ra:table {").

  • Go through the steps given in
 SKIP       Test sample and demo programs   C & J FF-1w, CF

Build and run all of the sample and demo apps that are included with ICU, on each of the reference platforms. A list of them is in the readme. Also see the build system.

Another worthy test: Test suites and demos from the previous release should also compile and run with the libraries of the current release, at least when certain #defines are set (unless they test APIs that are deprecated and have been removed since)!

 skipped   markus didn't get to it for M2, will do before release Update the pool bundles   C & J CF-1w The locale data resource bundles use pool.res bundles (one per bundle tree) for sharing most of their resource table key strings. We should update the pool bundles once per release, or when we get new data from CLDR, or change the tree or key structure, to capture the changing set of key strings.
  1. Build ICU4C
  2. Temporarily modify the data makefile: s/usePoolBundle/writePoolBundle/
  3. Rebuild the data
  4. Copy $icu4c_out/data/out/build/icudt.../pool.res to $icu4c_root/source/data/locales/pool.res
  5. Copy $icu4c_out/data/out/build/icudt.../curr/pool.res to $icu4c_root/source/data/locales/curr/pool.res

  6. Copy all of the pool.res files like this
  7. Revert the data makefile change
  8. Rebuild the data (make sure it actually gets rebuilt, e.g., by first deleting all of the data/out files)
  9. Run ICU4C tests
  10. Rebuild the ICU4J data .jar files
If there are new bundle trees that should use pool.res files, then first modify the data makefiles (Windows and Linux) to add the new pool.res to the appropriate file lists and initially add --writePoolBundle which at the end also needs to be turned into --usePoolBundle.
 SKIP       Test data portability   C CF-1w

Test if the data portability (under common endianness & charset family) is ok. On the ICU build server, you would use the "Build from source .dat archive" option. When it's not available, you would do the following:

  1. Build ICU4C on Win32.
  2. Copy the icu/source/data/out/icudt<data_version>l.dat file into icu/source/data/in
  3. Delete non-essential directories from icu/source/data.
  4. Package up a clean copy of ICU for a non-Windows machine, like Linux on x86.
  5. Build ICU on the non-Windows machine from the newly created package.
  6. Run all tests on that non-Windows machine.
 SKIP       Run the environment tests   C CF-2w

Run on a Linux machine This test verifies that the ICU test suite will work regardless of a user's default locale and timezone. This test should be run on a fast machine with several CPU cores. This will take a long time to run. Here are the steps to run the test.

  1. cd tools/release/c/
  2. ./
  3. Wait a while for the tests to finish. The logs will be written in each test directory. e.g. icu/source/test/intltest/intltest-*.txt. A message will be printed from each spawned test script when it finishes.
  4. grep the logs for any test failures when the tests are done.
 SKIP       Upgrade LocaleExplorer and other demos/samples to the ICU project site   C & J GA

Build the icuapps module following the README's. Update code and/or docs as needed. "Reference" platforms for icuapps are: RedHat Linux and win32. On Linux, icuapps is built against the "make install "'ed ICU. So, run ICU4C's configure with --prefix=/some/where pointing to where ICU4C should be installed, and also follow icuapps's README.

Install the new locale explorer and other demos/samples onto the public demo hosting site.

 done   michael grady (mishonok),

C - srl
J - yoshito
  Update the API Change Report M C & J CF+1w

For ICU4C:

  1. Update the API documentation in all header files (.h file) to have correct @draft/@stable/@deprecated labels.
  2. Update docmain.h
  3. ./configure
  4. make docs
  5. Folow instructions in tools/release/java/readme.txt.

For ICU4J:

Run the ICU4C API comparison tools (build.xml targets gatherapi, apireport) to generate new api and report files (build.xml strings will need to change). Check in the API file. Rename the report file to ${root}/APIChangeReport.html and replace the existing one and check it in. Make sure the readme.html file links to it (no change should be required).

DONE    stuart   Update the Readme.html for GA M C & J GA-1w

If there are any last second changes. Make sure to document especially items that affect software that is currently compiled with the previous version of ICU. Update build/installation instructions as necessary.

DONE  2010-09-27 stuart, yoshito
Create ICU download page M   GA-0.5w An enhancement release simply needs to have a list of what has been changed or added recently. A reference release should have much more detailed descriptions, especially of what API's have changed since the last reference release and migration steps.
 done C - pedberg, srl

J - yoshito
 Upload Release Source / Binaries M (source only for C?) C & J GA-0.49w See parent doc for details
 DONE   stuart   Check the ICU public site for the new release M   GA

Make sure that, aside from download pages, homepages, news items, feature lists and feature comparisons, etc. are updated. Upload the new API references. Update the User Guide.

 DONE   stuart   Announce the new ICU release M   GA

Post the update to the icu-announce list, the icu-support list, the icu-design list.

Put a News item on the ICU project site. Both ICU4C and ICU4J are announced in the same announcement.

    yoshito, srl   Update the Trac release number list for ICU4C and ICU4J. M   GA+1w Update the ICU release number list by going to "Admin>Versions" in Trac, and add the new ICU version.
 SKIP       Update the reference for ICU in the external sites     GA+1w


  2. Login under the correct account.
  3. I usually search for: icu unicode
  4. Click on the project returned
  5. Under the 'project' drop down, choose 'Add release'
  6. We have (thankfully) only one branch of development- choose Default
  7. Release info
    • release focus: Choose the one which best fits
    • Version
    • Changes: be VERY brief, and include links if needed.
      Please read the other ICU4C/ICU4J updates to get an idea for how we are wording these. DO NOT use bulleted lists. DO use short 'sentences'. Remember they can go to the release list and/or bug DB for the full scoop!
      Put the URL to the 'release notes' (i.e. ) in the changes list.
    • tar/gz, zip: Put the FULL URLs to the actual files, here
    • Changelog: Leave BLANK. This is for a single page of ALL release changes (Actually: fits this fairly well.)
    • License - leave at MIT/X
    • mailing list: I set this to the main mailing list page. (
    Click 'go on..'
    Very important- Check:
    • links!!!!! Make sure they go where we want
    • accuracy - version number is OK?
    Remember that this is an important PR face for ICU4C and ICU4J.
  9. Submit!

That's it. Submissions take some time (<24 hrs) to go on. I guess they check the accuracy as well- not sure here. (Steven Loomis, 2001-06-14)

Other sites:

slashdot, newsforge, developerWorks unicode zone, developerWorks open-source zone, developerWorks java zone (send email to dWnews <at>

ICU sourceforge News - login here, go to News, Admin, and submit a news item as an administrator.

LanguageTech Net News (tm)

"LanguageTech Net News" features the latest news for language technology and multilingual computing. It is prepared from materials compiled and maintained by the research editors at "MultiLingual Computing & Technology" and the Language Technology Research Center.

Press releases and submissions are always welcomed and encouraged. Please send e-mail to, faxes to 208-263-6310 and postal mail to MultiLingual Computing, Inc., 319 North First Avenue, Sandpoint, ID 83864 USA, or call 208-263-8178.

To view archived issues of "LanguageTech Net News" visit

To subscribe to "LanguageTech Net News" go to or send an e-mail to

 DONE   stuart   Post-release cleanup M   GA+2w

Cleanup the milestone in the ICU Trac. Move left over items to future milestones. Close the milestone.

Look for TODO comments in the source code and file new tickets as required.

 SKIP       Update online demos   C&J GA+2w Update online demos/tools to the latest version:
  • ICU demos (eg
  • CLDR Survey tool (eg
  • Unicode Utilities (eg
 SKIP       Online information update     GA+4w Collation and comparison charts need to be updated.

Note: Acronyms used in the Due date column are:
  • FF: Feature(API) Freeze
  • CF: Code Freeze
  • GA: Generally Available (The official release)
  • FF-2w = 2 weeks before Feature Freeze