Send public beta/DCUT announcement

Send a beta/DCUT announcement to the mailing lists icu-design, icu-support and icu-announce (the announce lists only with bcc).

Sample public beta announcement:

Subject: ICU 3.6 beta now available

Dear friends and users of ICU,

We have a "beta" of the ICU release 3.6 available on our public web sites, and

If you plan or consider to use ICU 3.6, then please download and test it at your earliest convenience.

Please help us ensure the quality of this release. Please submit bugs, porting changes and fixes(!) by Wednesday, July 31!

Please use our bug reporting tool and support mailing lists, see

Major features of this reference release include:

  • Unicode 5.0
  • CLDR 1.4
  • and so on...

Please see the release notes on the download pages and the readme for a complete list of features and enhancements.



Announce the new ICU release

Post the update to the icu-announce list, the icu-support list, the icu-design list.

Put a News item on the ICU project site. Both ICU4C and ICU4J are announced in the same announcement.

Update the reference for ICU in the external sites


  2. Login under the correct account.
  3. I usually search for: icu unicode
  4. Click on the project returned
  5. Under the 'project' drop down, choose 'Add release'
  6. We have (thankfully) only one branch of development- choose Default
  7. Release info
    • release focus: Choose the one which best fits
    • Version
    • Changes: be VERY brief, and include links if needed.
      Please read the other ICU4C/ICU4J updates to get an idea for how we are wording these. DO NOT use bulleted lists. DO use short 'sentences'. Remember they can go to the release list and/or bug DB for the full scoop!
      Put the URL to the 'release notes' (i.e. ) in the changes list.
    • tar/gz, zip: Put the FULL URLs to the actual files, here
    • Changelog: Leave BLANK. This is for a single page of ALL release changes (Actually: fits this fairly well.)
    • License - leave at MIT/X
    • mailing list: I set this to the main mailing list page. (
    Click 'go on..'
    Very important- Check:
    • links!!!!! Make sure they go where we want
    • accuracy - version number is OK?
    Remember that this is an important PR face for ICU4C and ICU4J.
  9. Submit!

That's it. Submissions take some time (<24 hrs) to go on. I guess they check the accuracy as well- not sure here. (Steven Loomis, 2001-06-14)

Other sites:

slashdotnewsforgedeveloperWorks unicode zonedeveloperWorks open-source zonedeveloperWorks java zone (send email to dWnews <at>

ICU sourceforge News - login here, go to News, Admin, and submit a news item as an administrator.

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