Complete code reviews

Nag all the reviewers to finish reviewing the code and change the status of bugs.

Check in serialization compatibility test data

ICU4J unit test contains serialization compatibility test cases. When a new reference version is released, we build serialized object data with the version and use it for future testing.

  1. Run "ant serialTestData" at ICU4J root directory
  2. The target generates test data and runs some serialization test cases.
  3. Once you confirm the test runs clean, copy out/serialTestData/ICU_<version> to main/tests/core/src/com/ibm/icu/dev/test/serializable/data/ICU_<version>.

Release ticket

After every milestone (GA / RC / Milestone-N) is completed, create a new release ticket in ICU Jira, then add the ticket link to the next milestone. The release ticket is used for BRS tasks, such as version update, tagging new version, merging post RC fixes from trunk and others.

Check open tickets with trunk code changes, but not under review

Basically, a ticket with trunk code changes should be closed before current milestone is closed. Review each ticket included in ICU Trac report Active Tickets (not in review state) with Code On Trunk and take appropriate action (usually, ask the ticket owner to wrap up the work and move it to review state). When ICU TC agrees to keep a ticket open across milestones for a good reason, update the description to indicate the reason.