Submitting ICU Bugs and Feature Requests

Note: ICU uses CLDR locale data. Please submit feedback on locale data there.

If you would like to submit an ICU bug report or feature request, or search the ICU bug database, please visit the following link:
  • ICU JIRA page
  • Note: You need to have a Jira account for submitting a ticket or commenting on one.
  • Click the + icon on the left edge to submit a new ticket.
  • Click the 🔍 icon on the left edge to search for existing tickets.

For patches, please submit both an ICU Jira ticket and an ICU GitHub pull request. The pull request text should start with "ICU-<Jira ticket number> ".

If you are encountering a build problem, encountering an API usage problem, or you have a question about ICU, you will usually get a faster response by joining our icu-support mailing list and asking there.

Finding previous bugs

As of July 1, 2018, all tickets from the previous (ICU trac) ticket tracking system have been converted over to issues on the ICU JIRA page. Due to privacy concerns, email addresses of all tickets filed previously were not carried over. If you want to look for your previous tickets, perhaps filed under the email address “”  you can use a URL like this:
  •       (but replace “myname” with the part of your email address before the @ sign.)

Ticket Lifecycle

Excel Spreadsheet View

An Excel spreadsheet view of the existing Trac Tickets can be found in traclist.xls. Control-u will update from the Trac database while in Excel.  

For OpenOffice, because of the use of macros, the above Excel spread sheet will not work.  The actual data, as tab-delimited text, comes from this URL:
It can be inserted into an OO spreadsheet using the Insert->Sheet From File menu, and entering the URL.