Submitting ICU Bugs and Feature Requests

Note: ICU uses CLDR locale data. Please submit feedback on locale data there.

If you would like to submit an ICU bug report, submit a patch for a bug, submit an RFE (Request For Enhancement) or search the ICU bug database, please visit

If you are encountering a build problem, encountering an API usage problem, or you have a question about ICU, you will usually get a faster response from one of our Mailing Lists.

Excel Spreadsheet View

An Excel spreadsheet view of the existing Trac Tickets can be found in traclist.xls. Control-u will update from the Trac database while in Excel.  

For OpenOffice, because of the use of macros, the above Excel spread sheet will not work.  The actual data, as tab-delimited text, comes from this URL:
It can be inserted into an OO spreadsheet using the Insert->Sheet From File menu, and entering the URL.