ICU Technical Committee


Beginning with 2016-May-18, the ICU Technical Committee (ICU-TC) is one of several committees of the Unicode Consortium.

Committee chair: Markus Scherer (Google)

Committee vice chair: Yoshito Umaoka (IBM)

See also Unicode Directors, Officers, and Staff

ICU Project Management Committee

Until 2016-May-18, ICU was a project under IBM stewardship. The following is historical information.

The Project Management Committee (PMC) was formed in October 1999 and is responsible for the strategic direction and success of the ICU Project. This governing body is expected to ensure the project's welfare and guide its overall direction. The PMC may not necessarily participate in the day-to-day coding but is involved in the overall development plans, the alleviation of any bottlenecks, the resolution of conflicts, and the overall technical success of the project.


There is no term limit for members. PMC members may resign at any time. Any member may be removed from the PMC by a 3/4 vote of the PMC.

New members may be elected to the PMC. In order to be elected, a person must be nominated by a PMC Member. Once nominated, all of the PMC will vote and those receiving a 3/4 positive vote will become a member.

Current PMC Members

Member Company
Mark Davis Google
John Emmons IBM Corporation
Doug Felt Google
Deborah Goldsmith Apple
Steven Loomis IBM Corporation
Markus Scherer Google
Peter Edberg Apple
Yoshito Umaoka IBM Corporation


The ICU-TC (formerly the ICU PMC) meets weekly (click here for meeting time) with a majority of its members to discuss issues, determine strategic direction, and forward progress. These meetings may take place online, via teleconference, or via other means deemed effective by the ICU-TC.

An archive of meeting minutes is available at Meeting Minutes.
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