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Latest Release

ICU 69.1 is now available. For details about new features and other improvements, see Download ICU 69.

Official Releases

If you want to use ICU (as opposed to developing it), it is recommended that you download an official packaged version of the ICU source code. These versions are tested more thoroughly than day-to-day development builds of the system, and they are packaged in zip and tar files for convenient download. Here are several recent releases of ICU that are available:

Release ICU4C ICU4J Major Changes
ICU 69 69.1 69.1 CLDR 39, enhancements in measurement unit formatting and number formatting.
ICU 68 68.2 68.2 CLDR 38, locale-dependent smart unit preferences (road distance, temperature, etc.), locale ID canonicalization conformant with CLDR.
ICU 67 67.1 67.1 Unicode 13 & CLDR 37. Bug fixes for date and number formatting, enhanced support for user preferences in the locale identifier. LocaleMatcher code and data improved. Number skeletons have a new “concise” form that can be used in MessageFormat strings.
ICU 66 66.1 66.1 Unicode 13 & CLDR 36.1. New, extra Q1 releases for low-risk integration of Unicode 13.
ICU 65 65.1 65.1 CLDR 36 with some new measurement units. Java LocaleMatcher API is improved, and ported to C++. For building ICU data, there are new filtering options, and new tracing support for data loading in ICU4C.
ICU 64 64.2 64.2 Unicode 12.0, CLDR 35, data filtering/subsetting mechanism, improved formatting API, C++ LocaleBuilder.
ICU 63 63.2 63.2 CLDR 34, API for number & currency range formatting, API for additional Unicode properties and for constructing custom properties; test data for upcoming Japanese era; C++ Locale enhancements; Java 7 as minimum runtime.
ICU 62 62.2 62.2 Unicode 11.0, CLDR 33.1, number format skeleton pattern in MessageFormat and ICU4C DecimalFormat wrapping new NumberFormatter implementation.
ICU 61 61.2 61.2 CLDR 33, new Java implementation for number and currency parsing, and many small API additions, improvements, and bug fixes.
ICU 60 60.3 60.3 Unicode 10.0, CLDR 32, and ICU4J has been tested with Java 9. New API for number formatting, NumberFormatter, which new users should link instead of NumberFormat/DecimalFormat. There are many more features and bug fixes.
ICU 59 59.2 59.2 CLDR 31, Emoji 5.0 draft data, C++11 support, Java number formatting code rewrite.
ICU 58 58.3 58.3 Unicode 9.0, CLDR 30.0.2, Emoji 4.0 draft data, JUnit test integration, more locale data loading improvements.
ICU 57 57.2 57.2 CLDR 29, Unicode emoji properties, improved locale data loading.
ICU 56 56.2 56.2 Unicode 8.0, CLDR 28, ICU data size reduction, ICU4C DecimalFormat refactoring.
ICU 55 55.2 55.2 CLDR 27.0.1, CSS line-break support in BreakIterator, easier-to-use ScientificNumberFormatter ("1.2 × 10³"), ICU4C DateFormat performance improvement, C wrapper for ListFormatter and FieldPositionIterator, regex named capture groups. ICU4J has been improved and tested for using ICU4C data and for running on Android.
ICU 54 54.2 54.2 CLDR 26, Unicode 7.0, many more units, Unihan in root collation, new RBNF PluralFormat syntax, dictionary-based break iterator for Burmese, tech preview of FilteredBreakIterator using ULI break data, time separator configurable from CLDR data, ...
ICU 53
53.2 53.2 CLDR 25, collation code rewrite, measure formatting for various units, relative date formatter and leniency controls in date format parsing
ICU 52
52.2 52.2 CLDR 24, Unicode 6.3, Plurals for fractional values, Islamic Umm al-Qura calendar, DateFormat parse leniency controls and Lao dictionary based word segmentation.
ICU 51
51.3 51.3 CLDR 23, short weekday names, new time zone format patterns, display context for date format and locale display names
ICU 50 50.2 50.2 CLDR 22.1, Unicode 6.2, ordinal number support, dictionary-based break iterators for Chinese & Japanese…
ICU 49 49.1.2 49.1 CLDR 21.0.1, Unicode 6.1, simpler ICU4C build without generated platform.h, many small API additions

    Note: We have changed the ICU release version numbering, combining the former first two fields into one, thus the major release sequence is ICU 4.8, ICU 49, ICU 50, …

For more details on building ICU once you've checked out the code, please see the readme.html in ICU.

For older ICU releases see the Old ICU Releases page.

Latest Development Milestone

The development milestone release is intended for those who want to get an early look at next ICU major release features. It is not recommended for production use.
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Other Downloads

The following are some ICU tools that are available in addition to ICU.

Tool Description
ICU4J Time Zone Update Utility This tool provides a simple way to update installed copies of ICU4J with the latest time zone data. Updates are required when the rules for transitioning between standard time and daylight (summer) time change in any part of the world.
RB Manager This resource bundle manager allows you to edit your program resource bundles more easily through a user-friendly interface. It also allows importing and exporting of resources to multiple formats.
XLIFF2ICUConverter This tool allows you to convert XLIFF files to ICU ResourceBundle format.

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